Olinda is behind the Ngoni & Nyasha Video – She Confessed on Facebook


Olinda is behind the Ngoni and Nyasha Video – She Confessed on Facebook. Zimbabweans have been taken for a ride yet again by Olinda.

This according to her latest facebook post where she said: “I have a confession to a make. Nyasha and Ngoni story was just a publicity stunt to sell the powders and the matombos. It’s my new business venture so I showed them the ropes etc 
#OCPhamarcy coming soon”



Olinda Chapel

This is the video that cause it all:

Married Woman Caught Redhanded with Lover in Car by Husband – Hanzi we discussing Business in the Dark

Before that she posted a letter on Facebook written: Dear Ngoni


Olinda Chapel: Dear Ngoni

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