OMG 9 Foreign Men BURNT to DEATH in South Africa


An angry community took matters into their own hands when a group of men attempted to rob and rape women in the Everest informal settlement in Springs on the East Rand on Thursday.

Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department spokesperson Clifford Shongwe said the community caught nine of the men and burned them to death.

“The community said that in most cases these thugs did as they pleased. In certain instances they raped women in front of their husbands and children. If anybody intervened they were shot dead,” Shongwe said. The men are believed to be from Lesotho.


According to Shongwe, the local SA Police Service members were biased towards the criminals.

“The local SAPS is biased towards the thugs as they always get money in a form of bribery from criminals. It has been a trend and norm that SAPS members are usually seen coming to the informal settlement to collect money from criminals,” Shongwe said.

Gauteng police were not immediately available for comment

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