OMG Business man caught N-aked with smallhouse fleas and is involved in an accident

A married Victoria Falls businessman and his girlfriend were involved in an accident on Tuesday as their car rammed onto a pre-cast wall while fleeing the man’s wife who had caught them in a s-e-x romp.
Collen Siziba, who is into hunting and runs some informal safari businesses, has been having an extra marital affair with Abigail Gama, 28, since January this year.
His wife, Betty Siziba, has caught the two lovebirds having s-e-x on numerous occasions.
Instead of ending the affair, Gama, who works for a law firm in the resort town threatened to hire thugs to kill Betty Siziba “if she continued disturbing her”.
The affair has become the talk of the town with rumours that Gama used a love potion because it is also alleged that Collen bought her two cars.
“For two months he would always leave in the evening claiming to be going to church to pray for his marital life. His wife decided to follow him and she discovered the unthinkable when she caught him pants down at Gama’s house,” said a source.
The source said Siziba’s wife busted the two love birds on numerous occasions having s-e-x at Gama’s rented house in Mkhosana suburb.
“She (wife) found them n-aked on several occasions and he would claim that Abbie uses love charms on him so he doesn’t leave her,” added the source.
Betty, now in her 13th but most difficult year in marriage, shared her misery.
“I found out about the affair in June this year and I confronted that woman. She promised to stop the affair claiming she didn’t know he was married,” she said.
Not only is the affair affecting their marriage, it is fast eating into their finances because Siziba has to borrow money to sustain his small house.
“He borrows money from loan sharks on her behalf which he repays from our savings. Some of our property has been attached to recover the money. He even bought her a car and the woman has guts to threaten to bewitch me and hire thugs to beat me up,” she said.
Gama once teamed up with her friends and threatened to assault Betty. In one incident, she sought help from the police to accompany her to Gama’s place after being tipped that her husband was there.
She found them in bed and Collen started hurling insults at the police chasing them away for meddling in his private life.
Betty has since approached the courts seeking to sue Gama for damages. With all this happening, the man at the centre, Collen Siziba refused to comment.
“I won’t comment about my life in the paper. What have you got to do with my private life? That’s my secret,” he said.
The same goes for Gama.

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