OMG!!! Family buries son on neighbour’s doorstep, orders him to eat the corpse


STEPPING on a grave is regarded a taboo in African communities, but a Binga family was left with no choice except to walk on one daily after a grave was dug at their doorstep.

This was after a certain family had reportedly taken its bitterness to extreme levels by burying their son at a neighbour’s doorstep accusing the family of allegedly bewitching and killing their son.

A police source revealed that the deceased teenager started complaining of a head-ache during a soccer tournament before he started hallucinating and screaming for help.


“Last Saturday during a soccer tournament the now deceased started complaining of a terrible headache. He was then taken to his home where he later started telling them that a neighbour by the name of Senga was troubling him. The boy’s family later decided to take him to Senga’s homestead where his condition deteriorated and white fluids coming out through his nose,” said the source.

The boy was reportedly dumped at Senga’s homestead and spent a night before breathing his last the following day.

When Senga informed the boy’s family about what had transpired, all hell broke loose.

“They (boy’s family) just confirmed the report and they never collected the corpse, but had a family meeting where they mapped the way forward. They told Senga that they were not taking the corpse away and therefore, were burying it at his doorstep. They told him to feast on the corpse,” said the source.

Senga failed to live with a grave by his doorstep and rushed to report the matter to police.

“Members of the deceased family were arrested for digging a grave at Senga’s doorstep and the corpse is yet to be exhumed,” said the source.

Matabeleland North police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Sipiwe Makonese said they have not yet received the report.