OMG i got SEDUCED by the MAID Part 1


OMG i got SEDUCED by the MAID Part 1. My name is Justin and i work for an NGO in Harare. I was on a project in Kariba and was away from home for about 3 weeks. I got home and was surprised to see this curvy beautiful creature doing the dishes in the Kitchen, but she was not my wife. I said hie and asked where my wife was and she told me that they had gone to the shops (wife and 2 kids). I asked who she was and she told me she was the new MAID… I looked at her twice and in a puzzled state asked again… “you, the maid?” she nodded yes and as she did that she turned away from the sink and looked at me… That is when i totally checked her out… She saw me staring and made a noise clearing her throat i felt my face turn red nekunyara and i rushed to the bedroom.

In there i kept wondering why my wife would hire someone like that to work for us.. She was every man’s WETDREAM, that kind of woman that you would think is a model or an actress.

OMG i got SEDUCED by the MAID Part 1


Imagine you see a woman like that doing the dishes in your kitchen and its not your wife. I was going crazy and i immediately went to take a bath, to take care of some stressed areas. I kept wondering when this happened and why, that woman is not maid material she should be a Victoria Secret Model and not my house. Another thought busted in and i imagined all those Victoria Secret Lingerie and her trying them out modelling for me…. That was the catalyst i wanted as everything just became a blur ndichitunda hangu zvakaipa. I felt like i cheated on my wife kutunda ndichifunga maid… As my mind was running around i head the maid call out… “Are you OK in there, what is that noise? is everything fine?” I was terrified i didn’t know i had made such a noise.. I tried to speak but the voice was faint….

The fact that she kept knocking and calling out didn’t help my situation…. I finally managed to shout “i am fine” and she was gone… The shouting and knocking caused other things too….. To be continued….


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