OMG!!! Man steals chicken & polony from HURE after s e x


A man from Masvingo hired a local hooker for a night of pleasure and then tried to escape in the night without paying and after stealing groceries from the sleeping woman, a local court heard.

Items Benjamin Mushonga, 33, made off with items that included eggs, 2kg portions of chicken, polony, a memory card, $6 cash and a Nokia phone.

Mushonga pleaded not guilty to theft and assault when he appeared before Masvingo magistrate Oliver Mudzongachiso on Wednesday.

In his defence, he told the court that the woman was framing after failing to pay the hooker for her services.

He was however, convicted after a full trial after and sentenced to two years in prison.

Prosecutor Joshua Mundondo told the court that sometime in September this year Mushonga hired Nyadziso Phiri, a well-known commercial sex worker in the high density suburb of Runyararo West.

The court heard that he was charged $15 for the night and agreed to pay for the services after which they proceeded to Nyaradzo’s residence.

The court was told that during the night Mushonga woke up from the bedroom and went to the woman’s kitchen where he looted the food items, packing them in a plastic bag, while the prostitute was asleep.

The court heard that after loading his loot, Mushonga failed to unlock the door and tried to sneak out of the house through the window but made noises that woke up the sleeping hooker.

Sensing danger, the court heard that Mushonga produced an okapi knife in his pocket and threatened to stab the hooker if she screams for help before ordering her to surrender her mobile phone together with the cash.

He was handed a Nokia E65 and $6 and ordered forced the lady of the night to open the door before vanishing in the dark.

A report was made to the police the following morning leading to Mushonga’s arrested.

Source: New Zimbabwe