OMG Police Officer forces H00KER to STR1P Searches for money in her PRIVATE PARTS


A hooker, who is accused of stealing from a Gokwe magistrate, has sensationally claimed that police forced her to strip n-aked as they searched for dollar bills in her private parts.

Pamela Hamandawana, is being charged with robbery after the Gokwe magistrate Shepherd Munjanja accused her of stealing a wallet that contained $156, bank cards, driver’s licence, 20 litre Redan fuel coupons, a notepad and EcoCash debit card.

But an assistant inspector form Harare Central Police Station, who arrested Hamandawana, said the hooker removed all her clothes in a desperate attempt to evade arrest.


“We went to the accused person’s lodgings at Treckerel in the company of the complainant. I ordered her to surrender the goods that she had stolen and after giving me the wallet and car keys she s-tripped n-aked to avoid being cuffed,” said Ishmael Mucheche.

However, Hamandawana refuted the claims and accused the police of having demanded a $5 bribe.

“Am I lying that you asked me for $5 but I indicated that I had only been left with $2 because the complainant made me to pay taxi fares after promising that he would withdraw my money from a bank in town.

“…and when I told you that I didn’t have any money on my person you made me strip n-aked intending to search for it in my privates,” she said.

After hanging the cop to dry in a packed court yesterday, Hamandawana, a self-confessed p-rostitute, then asked the court to help her recover her money for services rendered to the Gokwe magistrate.

“How am I going to get the money that he was supposed to pay me for the s-e-x and ‘b low job’ that I gave him? He owes me and I still want my money,” she said.

When Munjanja took to the witness stand he denied knowing Hamandawana and claimed he was a victim of daylight robbery.

“I arrived in Harare from Gokwe around 7 am in the company of my pastor and two other passengers whom I dropped in Mbare before proceeding to town. I met a young man who indicated that he had tyres that matched my vehicle,” he said.

“However, he led me to the accused person’s room at Treckerel Court where I was ambushed before my property was seized.”

Munjanja told the court that he managed to escape after promising the accused persons that he would withdraw and surrender the $500 that they demanded.

Prosecutor Venancia Mutake claims Hamandawana had a case to answer because of inconsistencies in statements.

According to Mutake, it was clear that Munjanja was a victim of day-light robbery inflicted by Hamandawana and her accomplices.

Presiding magistrate Vakayi Chikwekwe will hand down the ruling on whether Hamandawana should be discharged or placed to her defence today.

Source-Daily news

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