OMG Prophet CAUGHT with Traditional Herbs & Charms that he used for MIRACLES


Founder and Pastor of Remnant Christian Church Innocent Sibanda clashed with his landlord over his mortar and clay pot full of herbs attached by messenger of court upon his eviction on Friday.

Innocent Sibanda is reported to have vowed not to leave the place until he got opportunity to collect all his traditional herbs he has been growing at Elevate Academy.

Sibanda ,principal of the closed Elevate Academy,has been selling traditional herbs to Borrowdale residents at the premises besides operating the school illegally,impeccable source told H-metro.

He is reported to be claiming US$28 000 for the herbs raising eyebrows from residents to know what type of herbs he was growing at the premises.

One of the residents in the leafy suburb revealed that Sibanda and his wife were making money from traditional herbs raising questions over the ministry.

“Mufundisi vanetsana neveCourt vachida midzi yavo nemashizha avanga vachiita mari nawo,all along we thought people rubbing shoulders with students at the premises were church members only to discover later that they were coming for the herbs” said one of the residents.

“I don’t think Remnant Christian church exists but it was a tool of trust to make his landlord sign a lease agreement with him because we never witnessed a church service and we do not know where he meets with his fellow members.

“i want to believe that he is registered with ZINATHA because we question his logic in failing to register a school and expecting students to write recognized examinations under the Ministry of Education, “said the resident.

Pastor Sibanda confirmed the owning the attached clay pots and refused to comment about them.

“I want to believe you have asked about the school and all you want to know about the herbs has nothing to do with the story,”said Sibanda.

“Yes,the herbs are mine and they were all attached upon my eviction from the place that is all I can say for now.”Go and write what you want about it but know that one day I will be somewhere and you will testify the difference my calling and your job which is after tarnishing my name” says Sibanda.

The pots were seen scattered full of traditional herbs and Sibanda was not given permission to take any one of the pots upon his eviction.