OMG!!! Prophet Magaya BEATS up a Soccer Supporter 3 Slaps


The Founder and Leader of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries, Prophet Walter Magaya is embroiled in yet another controversy.

This time, a Harare man, Nyasha Chanakira, is alleging that the man of God slapped him three times during a soccer match at the Motor action sports club on Saturday.

Chanakira, alleged that Magaya, who is the sponsor of Gunners Football Club, assaulted him as Gunners trailed Herentals 1-0 in the twilight stages of their Northern Region soccer league match.


Indications are that the incident was precipitated a few minutes after Herentals had taken the lead in the 74th minute when Prophet Magaya, reportedly, out of frustration decided to leave the ground as fans jeered.

“I celebrated when Herentals scored. When I was celebrating I was called by Walter Magaya when he was going out. I thought he wanted to tell me something when he attacked me behind the Herentals team bus. He held me by the shoulder and it looked friendly at first and then he slapped me about three times. Ndakarohwa mambama anenge three and bodyguard obvaandipawo dzinenge two.

Chanakira was asked if agaya had provoked him and he responded, ” I was only telling him that no mdara team yako ine potential but it’s unfortunate you have lost . Maybe that’s provocation since he is some one injecting money to the team.

He added that the assault had injured him and that many people had witnessed the incident, “I nose bled and I am having a headache . I am at home . My head is aching and it worsened this morning (yesterday). So many people saw this. The police told me to look for three witnesses and go to Rhodesville (Police Station). I found those three people because they were there but I just decided not to report.

Asked why he had not lodged a report with the Police, Chanakira said he didn’t want anything to do with Magaya, ” I didn’t file a report because he is a man of God. I have nothing against him. He is someone I always read of in the newspapers so I didn’t want to report. I don’t want any of his money.

Meanwhile Herentals FC Secretary, Kudakwashe Remba, confirmed the incident and insisted that Magaya had lost his cool.

“It’s like on Saturday, we were playing with Gunners. Herentals had over 700 supporters who had come for the match as usual because when we play we have a lot of fans who follow us.

“The high turn up of our fans really put Gunners under pressure regardless of the fact that they were at home. When their sponsor, Magaya arrived, he was also shocked with the number of our supporters and he wa herd calling someone saying he was supposed to organise support urgently since Herentals FC fans were dominating their home-ground.

“Surely towards the end of the first half of the match, Yadah Bus came but unfortunately it had an estimated 34 supporters which didn’t make a difference anyway to their numbers compared to ours.

“In the 74th minute, we scored and it was now 1-nil to Herentals which didn’t go well with the Gunners fans and Sposor Magaya as we were now dominating on the pitch.

“Magaya and his security were seen leaving theur chairs and walking from the terraces towards their cars. As Magaya passed through one of our supporters, Nyasha Chanakira, the later said, “Walter, tough luck.” The Magaya responded saying, “iribho aah, huya pano mwana wa amai’ and he repeated calling him in a friendly manner.

“Then the supporter went to him and Magaya held him by the shoulder in a peaceful and friendly manner walking towards our buses. Then he hit our support thrice and he had instant nose bleeding. Magaya and his security then rushed to their Whit Jeep and then sped off leaving a scene behind as our supporters were not happy with his bullying.

“Fortunately, our team disciplinary committee managed to contain the emotions of our supporters and they obeyed our order to avoid revenge.

“As a team, ourselves, we don’t tolerate violence or to be too emotional with the opponents. I also think sponsors like Magaya should lead by example by being self disciplined when they face defeat and avoid violence since soccer is just a sport. Especially as someone who is called a Prophet by some people, we wish they will stop this violent behaviour to avoid unnecessary tension with fellow teams in the league.

But Prophet Magaya scoffed at the reports and said his hand was anointed to bless not to curse or beat up people he is supposed to deliver.

“How can that be? These hands are vessels of blessings not cursing, or beating people and they are anointed just for that,” said Prophet Magaya as he received his microphone to minister to a huge crowd waiting at his Sunday church service.

He continued,” With my security, how can that person have a chance to be near e for a fight? I am anointed to deliver people from evil,excuse me, I am about to Minister now.”