OMG: Siezed black mamba finds its way back to OWNER from 100km away


This man made headlines a few weeks ago after being caught with a black mamba in a sack on a roadblock. Days after predicting that he will be re-united with his creature which had been seized by Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Authority, Grey Mpinganjira and his snake are back together.

A few weeks ago, Mpinganjira was caught in possession of a black mamba.Parks authorities seized the snake from him and put it in a sanctuary but Mpinganjira vowed the creature will find its way back.

True to his prediction, the snake has tracked its way back to Chihota.For the mysterious self-proclaimed traditional healer who was fined $50 and released by the courts, even from behind the prison walls he told the wardens that the snake was out as the spiritual world communicated with him.

As the serpent makes its way out of the traditional gourd in front of him and wraps itself around Mpinganjira, the scary scene is further enhanced by the confessions that its incarceration was not pleasant and now traditional rites have to be performed as appeasement.

Mpinganjira claims the snake inherited from his mother feeds on human blood and has already killed three sisters in the family.

How he is going to feed it can only send shivers down the spine of relatives – for the snake does not feed on the blood of strangers.

Source-ZBC Online