One NIGHT STAND with Mavis – It was my Last one, she was everything in my Dreams


One NIGHT STAND with Mavis – It was my Last one, she was everything in my Dreams. When asked this question no one is ever honest because i am sure the answer comes with shame. “ever had a one night stand?”  I was a one night stand man, i never believed in real love. In-fact to me love never existed, it was just a word people never get tired of.

I believe i should start from the beginning, that will be when i was in high school when i thought i was in love for the first time. That moment proved to be the first and last time i fooled myself into believing that i was in love. I opened up to her and told her that i loved her, she was my first kiss. she was special to me until she was caught in the store room having sex with the teacher. That is the moment i realised that love does not exist and from then i have sort of managed to keep myself off of love.

I grew a protective shell around my heart and vowed to never be in love again. I trusted her and gave myself to her but she still went forward and cheated on me. Now 10 years after high school i don’t have a wife or girlfriend. I do however have a few friends with benefits and most of my romance comes from one night stands. I knew to be involved that way was too risky for me as it increased my chances of getting STDs or AIDS but when a decision is made out of anger and heart ache no one ever thinks of the dangers.


Life seemed perfect, no one to bother me, my only worry was about my work and my women. i didn’t know my turning point was coming sooner than i expected. Masasi eHarare calls someone like me a SVIRORIST because that is what i am very good at. I loved online hook ups like badoo, twoo and wechat.

I met Mavis online on badoo and we chatted for a while until we decided to meet. She sent me pictures of her and she was a real beauty, total knockout. I knew however that i can not allow myself to fall for her as it was against my codes of ethics.

We met for lunch one day and enjoyed ourselves. For some funny reason i was taking it slow, this wasn’t me. We sort of became friends against my better judgement, its very difficult to have a one night stand with someone you care about. I began to open up to her and tell her my deep darkest secrets.

i wasn’t liking this at all but she kept me going and she even opened up as well. For some reason i stopped enjoying one night stands, i felt like i was cheating on Mavis. I told her about my failed attempt at love in high school and she tried to comfort me and assure me that love still existed and that it was out there waiting for me.

We met again for lunch a few weeks later and everything on her seemed perfect. She was right infront  of me when she pulled her cellphone out of her purse and typed something. Moments later i received a whatsapp message and it was from Mavis, it read “Charles, are you ready for your last one night stand?”

I didn’t know what to say or how to respond, I just smiled and replied to her message. “Yes I am ready, I thought you would never ask.” She smiled back at me upon reading the message and stood up and extended a hand to me and said: “Let’s go then we have no time to waste.”

I have never taken any lady to my house for my one night stands but with Mavis it didn’t seem like a one night stand at all, so I didn’t think twice we just headed to my house. We had a wonderful time and she spent the night something that had never happened to me. I never sleep when I was on my one night stands as I am never comfortable with whoever I would be with. Mavis brought out the best in me or rather the worst in me, i am not so sure what to call it..

I was falling in love again and there was no stopping it, i noticed this as I woke up next to her and I admired her as she slept, it was confirmed, I WAS IN LOVE WITH Mavis. I didn’t want to wake her up, I didn’t want her to leave, and she seemed so perfect, so beautiful in every way. That is the moment I knew that this really was my last one night stand ever.

When love comes to it doesn’t matter how many times your heart has been broken or how many times you have been hurt. LOVE just heals all that and gives you a new chance at happiness. I guessed this was my turn to forget all about one night stands and focus on this beautiful creature sleeping in my bed. I was so sure that I loved her no two ways about it.

I decided I should give her breakfast in bed and show her how I was feeling. I woke her and she kissed me good morning. I served her breakfast as i tried to speak to her and tell her that i wanted to spend my whole life with her. But she stopped me and said:

Mavis: Lets not talk about this now..

Charles: but why hun? 

Mavis: Because we just spend a night together and you can’t decide you love someone based on a good night of s-e-x together. It has to be more than that.

With that i understood and we finished breakfast and spent the day together getting to know one another even more. i loved spending time with her and so i didn’t want her to leave when it was time for her to go. It was not about the s-e-x, Have you ever loved someone to the point that you want to be with them always no-matter what you are doing as long as you are together? If your answer is yes then you will know what i mean.

I dropped her off at her place and we kissed goodbye and goodnight. All the way i couldn’t think of anything or anyone else. I loved her more with every minute passing. At a robot stop i decided to send her a message, since it is wrong to type when you are driving i made it a voice note instead:

“Mavis, i miss you already, after today i wish i could spend my whole life with you. I love you and i am loving you more with every minute passing.”

i sent the message and continued on my way home. She didn’t reply right away and i was getting impatient and worried. i got home and found a note on the bed, the note read“Call me when you get home as i know i will be missing you already”

i then realised why she stayed behind when we went out and i picked up the phone and called her number. We spoke for about 30 minutes and in short we agreed that we would be girlfriend and boyfriend for now and see how that goes. She made me promise that i will never have another one night stand.

Today we are still going strong, we been together 3 years and we are happy. She was my last one night stand and as i promised i stopped, i focused on her only.

Thank You Masasi for sharing my story please comment and let me what you think…

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