One on One with the Queen of Twerking Mixxy


Hello Masasi eHarare readers and fun-loving Zimbabweans at large.

It’s an honour contributing to this column in my own capacity as Mixxy, a versatile artist in the making.

I have always wanted to contribute to this column but it didn’t know the procedure.


In today’s issue, I have plenty to share with my fans in particular my vision, challenges and how I overcame them to be where I am today.

It has been an exciting journey and I hope I will inspire fellow artists. Read on…


My stage name is Mixxy, a dancer, singer, fashion designer, model, script-writer, actress and poet.

My real name is Brenda Nyarai Chiku, even though many prefer calling me Mixxy.

I am an artiste doing a lot of things, hence the name Mixxy.

I am the only child in my family and my parents are both late.

I attended Mukai High (School) in Highfield for my secondary education.

I then enrolled at AMFC College in Tynwald where I attained a Diploma in Fashion Design.

I am a single mum staying with my kid in the capital.


My passion for arts, music in particular, started when I was in Grade 5 in 1998 when I was in the school choir.

I did a string of singles namely Musikana in 2014, which was recorded at Hesh Mfesh Records by Lazzie T.

In the same year, I did another single titled Need You which was produced by rapper, Anonzi Xnder.

Last year, I recorded three singles – Chimbondisiya, Uzive and Move ya body – recorded at Big Tinx Records.

As an actress, I did a movie called Varsity (The Mirror of personality).

In fact, I am the one who wrote it (movie) and I also did the sound tracks.

Prior to this movie, I featured in the soapie Legacies.

As a model, I took part in the year Miss Curvy 2012 and I am also a fashion model.

I also performed a single called Diamond Queen of Africa at Miss Curvy Africa 2013.

As a poet, I am still writing my poems with the hope to publish an anthology.


I was born an artist so everything around me inspires me.

The people around me, nature and of course my upbringing have a bearing.


I feel I haven’t made that breakthrough in Zimbabwe, even though I have toured other countries such as Namibia and Mozambique doing my music.

Locally, many see me as a dancer but I am a Jack of all trades.

I have been holding a number of shows at private functions though I used to manage a dance group called Mixxed Bag.

It was an all-female four-piece outfit but I have since gone solo.


I don’t seduce anyone but I just dance and I love it.

I am a contemporary dancer and I also do twerking. I’m also known as Queen of Twerk.

To all my fans, just take me as an entertainer and not someone who wants to seduce any man.

I always receive compliments from either sex and some women are begging me to teach them, especially twerking – the in-thing in hip hop.


I am not competing with anyone, in particular, (dirty dancers) Bev and Zoey.

Our routines are different so it’s difficult to make some comparisons.

I don’t have a problem sharing the stage with them because I will be doing what I know best.


Like any other human being, I have my flaws.

I’m too kind and mostly I am taken for granted, which remains one of my weaknesses.

When I am down, I sing and dance along with my daughter aged nine.


This cancer has been there for years but it’s up to female artistes to stand for their rights.

In my case, I can’t recall when I was abused but I have read and witnessed cases where female artists have fallen prey to sex predators.

In short, I have managed to overcome this by standing for myself; in short, I can simply say I know my rights.


We were lucky not to be abused by service providers.

However, I have since engaged a manager – Kudzai Sadomba – who is now running my affairs.

The manager is doing well and we have been together for almost two months and we managed to shoot a video together


Tracy Chapman is my role model; I love that woman.

Her music touches the inner part of the person.

Locally, the late Chiwoniso Maraire was my role model.


I won the best dancer at the Changamire hiphop Awards held at Club 1+1 in January.


I am in love with my daughter.


I would like to thank a number of people for being supportive in my career.

These include rapper Tricky J, Lazzie T, Anonzi Xnder, a friend of mine Mambo Katsande, my relatives and friends, my boss Marcus Okeke and my daughter Nicole.

On a parting shot, I say ‘If you can talk, you can sing and if you can walk you can dance, anything is attainable.’

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