Only powerful will remain with real money, poor will suffer with bond paper – Hosiah Chipanga


An outspoken musician Hosiah Chipanga‎ has lamented that while those in power will remain with the real money, the majority poor Zimbabweans will suffer as they are to be given useless localised Bond notes.

In his Facebook post Chipanga said when a country is economically in existence, its internationally represented by its own currency no matter how poor it might be.

hosiah_chipangaMaking of an artificial local currency only helps to easy or fool the local market into pretending as though all is well, yet only the big fish will remain with the genuine currency and the majority depending on fake currency,” he said.


“Its the parent lion surviving on eating the small ones to avoid death by hunger. The young ones must die first to feed the big and stronger ones. Whatever made our Zimdollar useless in the first place, its never going to make our Bond note useful. We destroyed it brain wise so brain wise we must make it work again In reality you don’t need money to build an economy, in fact you need brain to build an economy that then gives you money and not the other way round.”

He said Zimbabwe has all what it takes to build its economy but lacks the natural brain to drive the economy, hence the fake money option.

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