Outrage as father takes daughter as second wife,impregnates her


A MAN who turned his 18-year-old daughter into a se_x slave with the knowledge of his wife has been jailed for an effective 13 years. The 46-year-old dad of six, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his victim, started raping his daughter in 2011 when she was then aged 13. Even after she got married early as a way of escaping the abuse, her father seemed undeterred as he ordered her to return home after every three days to have se_x with her. She eventually fell pregnant.

Regional magistrate Dambudzo Malunga slapped the rapist, who is from Lupane, with a 15-year jail term before conditionally setting aside two years.

She, however, had no kind words for the convict whom he labelled a cruel man who had tormented and traumatised his own daughter by threatening her with death and disappearance.


“You’re a cruel man who traumatised your own daughter by threatening her with death and disappearance so you would continue raping her. You were supposed to protect her but you turned aggressor and a long custodial sentence is appropriate considering the circumstances that you impregnated her,” said Malunga

The girl’s three-month-old pregnancy was legally terminated at Mpilo Central Hospital. The victim’s mother told the court that she was afraid to denounce her husband’s actions as he had threatened her with death and was a well-known violent person.

“I knew about my daughter’s abuse from the time it started because every time he would want to rape her he would tell me. I was afraid to report it to the police because of the death threats that he would make against me and my daughter. Knowing my husband’s short temper and his violence tendencies which are well known in the area where we live, I decided to keep quiet,” she said, fighting back tears.

In January this year, the victim’s former teacher sensed that something was amiss with her former pupil and when she interviewed her, she opened up on the years of abuse.


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