Panic as banks issue Rands only in Harare


There was panic in most banks in Harare today as Auto Teller Machines (ATMs) where issuing South Africa Rand instead of usual American dollars.

The banking public government had banned use of the dollar which is much stronger than the Rand.
However, Stanbic Bank issued a statement using its twitter account (@StanbicBankZW) to calm its customers.

Below is the statement :
1/4 – Dear Valued Stanbic Customers, we apologise for the temporary short supply of cash from our ATMs.


2/4 – This is due to the current poor condition of bank notes we had that cannot be processed through the machines efficiently.

3/4 – You are assured of getting cash in the meantime over the counter from all our branches.

4/4 – The situation should normalise during the course of this week as we have sourced better quality notes.

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