Parents could face possible jail time for posting their baby’s pictures online


PARENTS who post embarrassing photos of their kids online could end up facing prison time!

According to the Mirror, parents should think twice before uploading photos of their little darlings without their permission.

This is particularly true in France, which has very strict privacy laws. Parents who are judged not to have respected their kids privacy by posting intimate snapshots of them on social media could be fined as much as $46 000.


Besides the legal issues, experts are also encouraging parents to think carefully before shoving loads of photos of their kids online.

Professor Nicola Whitton from a British university was quoted in the report as saying: “I think we’re going to get a backlash in years to come from young people coming to realise that they’ve had their whole lives, from the day they were born, available to social media.

“Parents have to work out what’s right for them, but be aware that this is another person, another human being, who may not thank them for it in 15 years to come.

“It may seem hard, but my line would be don’t put pictures online until they’re of an age where it’s appropriate to discuss it with them.”

A British study last year showed that on average parents post about 200 photos of their kids under five years old every year. By the time the kid turns five, this means that he or she would already have 1 000 photos of themselves online.

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