Parliament wants $800 000 vehicle loans given to FIRED MPs BACK


Zimbabwe Parliament has started tracking down the 22 expelled legislators who received $800 000 as vehicle loans during their short stint in Parliament. The Members of Parliament include 21 MDC-T legislators who were expelled after forming a new political outfit called United Movement for Democratic Change.

The other legislator is Mr Didymus Mutasa, who was recalled from Parliament by Zanu-PF for his role in the plot by former Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru’s cabal to unseat President Mugabe unconstitutionally ahead of last December’s 6th National People’s Congress.

Clerk of Parliament Mr Kennedy Chokuda told The Herald yesterday that allowances owed to the legislators would be forfeited to repay the loans and in case of shortfalls, the former parliamentarians had to sign loan repayment plans.


He said correspondence to that effect had already been sent to the concerned parties.

“We have written to them to come and sign loan repayment schedules,” he said. “As I have said before, they have signed loan agreement forms and we owe them allowances that we are going to use as part payment of the loans.”

Some of the expelled legislators who spoke to The Herald yesterday said they were willing to pay while others were vague in their responses.

Former Glen View South MP Mr Paul Madzore said: “In my case I know that my allowances are little and I had to honour the loan advanced to me.

“But Parliament should not treat us as if we are criminals because the spirit has always been that we should have a degree of responsibility.”

Former legislator for Luveve Mr Reggie Moyo said he had not yet received any correspondence from Parliament.

He said he would deal with the matter after receiving the letter requesting him to sign the loan repayment plan.

“I have not received the letter but for now we have to wait for the letters and will take up the matter from there.”

Efforts to get a comment from Mr Mutasa were fruitless as his mobile phone was not reachable amid reports he has fallen on hard times.

The majority of legislators secured all-terrain vehicles, mainly Ford Rangers, under the loan scheme and were supposed to pay back the money during the five-year tenure of Parliament.

The expelled 22 legislators benefited from a $12 million deal Government secured with Croco Motors that saw 290 legislators purchase vehicles at a ceiling price of $35 000 per MP.

Parliament through Treasury undertook to pay Croco Motors over eight months while the legislators would repay through deductions from their sitting allowances.