Harare S E X Party Kids get SUSPENDED Sentence


Harare S E X Party Kids get SUSPENDED Sentence. Harare magistrate Mr Francis Mapfumo yesterday took time to counsel 17 college students who held a wild pool party in Westgate, Harare and warned them to stay out of trouble.

Mr Mapfumo, who had earlier indicated that the students would get community service, sentenced them to wholly suspended three months in prison for five years on condition of good behaviour.

He said he only wanted to scare the students by telling them that he was considering community service.


Before freeing the students, Mr Mapfumo sternly warned them to focus on their studies.

“Focus on your studies because that sharpens your lives rather than succumbing to peer pressure,” he said. “Life is too short and we all live once, make the best of it. I am giving you a chance to reform and you should not disappoint your parents.”

The students, who are from various colleges in Harare, pleaded guilty to the charges of criminal nuisance.

They are Simone Museta (18), Staisy Makombe (21), Memory Chasara (19), Marian Madamombe (18), Shamiso Kadzinga (18), Thoriso Chisaira (18), Keshel Magaso (18), Tatenda Maponga (19), Kundishora Munashe (19), Isaac Katsande (18), Brendon Mahembe (19), Sheon Matuku (19), Elves Musika (18), Juliet Phiri (20), Masimba Mudzingwa (20), Yevgeny Mehluli Ndlovu (18) and Mackenzie Mabeka (23).

The 17 were said to have interfered with neighbours’ peace, had no shame and were a disappointment to their parents.

In mitigation, their lawyer Mr Samuel Banda said the students were young and inclined towards mischief just like any other children.

The prosecutor Ms Patience Chimusaru told the court that on May 29 around midday, police received a tip-off that the students were partying at house number 2021 Area D, Westgate.

The police found the teenagers gathered at a swimming pool, with some wearing swimming costumes, shorts and skin tights.

They were playing and dancing to loud music.

The police established that the students were holding a belated birthday party for Museta.