Pastor names church “Breasts & Honey Harvest Fellowship International” – He chases away DEMONS by SUCKING Women’s BREASTS


A pastor has admitted that he conducts deliverance sessions in which he sucks women’s breasts and female church members do not wear bras.

To add to the shocking revelations, the Nigerian pastor in this recording announces that his church is also called: Breast and Honey Harvest Church International.

Pastor Chidioke
Pastor Chidioke

In the interview by 99.0 FM Hero Radio, a radio station based in Kenya, Pastor Chidioke admits all. Below is the conversation between On Air personality Nancy (real name Kate Vobic) and the pastor of Breast and Honey Harvest Church International.

The pastor told her to come to his church so he could suck out the spirit of rejection from her breast so she can be delivered of the spirit of rejection.

According to the conversation, Pastor Chidioke admitted that his church members don’t wear bras. Watch the full video below.