Pastor who said “black people are lazy” issues apology


Pastor Andre Olivier was on the receiving end of a backlash this week after he delivered a sermon on Sunday which is said to have suggested that black people were lazy.

He mentioned that the wealth white people have is due to their ‘ hard work’, he questioned what was meant by white people ‘sharing their wealth’.

Olivier went on to question the use of the term ‘our people’ by the ANC.


“Whenever I hear the ANC say ‘our people’ on TV. Excuse me who are “our people?”

“Our people is me. The minute you say our people‚ you are being racist.” Olivier said.

The pastor initially defended his words in the aftermath of the sermon on radio. He stated that it’s unfortunate that when he ‘talks for whites’ he gets ‘nailed’

“It’s unfortunate that people are sensitive because we are definitely not a racist church.



You will hear from congregants that over years all I’ve done is endorsed‚ supported and spoken for black people and spoken to white people about bad attitudes…

“Whenever I speak for whites‚ I get nailed… and I do that once in a blue moon; it’s bit unfair‚” Olivier said.

But now the pastor seems to have had a change of heart and apologized in a series of tweets.

‘’Reflecting on my sermon last weekend, I believe that it is right for me to express my regret for the hurt and offense that was caused by my statements made during my message. For that I unreservedly apologise.

I recognise that my words were poorly chosen, particularly in context of where this country comes from. My comments did not reflect my intention, and I acknowledge the harm that has come as a result.

I love all South Africans & am committed to build the country to overcome the wrongs of the past. Words cannot express my full remorse.

I trust that my future actions will support the sincerity of my apology.

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