Pasuwa & Costa Nhamoinesu LEFT STRANDED by ZIFA


ZIMBABWE WARRIORS coach Callisto Pasuwa and Czech Republic-based defender Costa Nhamoinesu were left stranded at a guest lodge in the Harare on Monday after Zifa defaulted on its promises.

Yesterday, Zifa was struggling with its commitments, despite Sunday’s match attracting a full house at Rufaro Stadium with the association expected to have made a killing.

Pasuwa and Nhamoinesu spent the better part of yesterday at the lodge as Zifa battled to raise the funds to pay the bills that had been accruing for the days the Warriors had been in camp and also reimburse the Sparta Praha defender money for the air ticket he bought to come and play for the Warriors.

Pasuwa & Costa Nhamoinesu LEFT STRANDED by ZIFA

Zifa had not sent an air ticket for Nhamoinesu to come and play for the national team after Pasuwa, who enjoys good relations with the players, had called him up.

The star defender, who had not played for the Warriors for a very long time, heeded the call-up by Pasuwa, but then a problem arose as Zifa failed to raise money for the air ticket for the player.

To show his commitment, the Sparta Praha defender offered to use his money to buy an air ticket to which Zifa agreed to reimburse him after the match.

But the football mother body failed to fulfil its promise after the match, leaving the player and his coach stranded.

It also emerged yesterday that Zifa, who had promised the players $30 000 in appearance fees and allowances after the match, only managed to give them $22 000 which the players begrudgingly accepted and returned to their bases.

The players initially refused as they wanted the full amount.

Zifa have all along been telling players they did not pay them winning bonuses, but only paid a qualification bonus.

But after the 1-1 draw against Guinea on Sunday, Zifa conveniently argued that they were not supposed to get $30 000 because they had drawn.

Although they had told them loud and clear that they did not pay winning bonuses, it was perhaps not loud enough for them to hear it themselves.

The players, however, resolved that in future they would demand their allowances upfront.

Pasuwa, who sat pensively when NewsDay Sport arrived at the lodge, said he had spent the whole day trying in vain to have Zifa release money to enable Nhamoinesu to return to his base.

He also offered to give the player the $700 balance from his own pocket to enable him to travel back to his base.

“I have been here the whole day trying without success to have them (Zifa) release money for the player so that he returns to his base. All the players shared $22 000 in allowances, but Costa has been waiting to be reimbursed his money for the air ticket to go back to his base. They have finally managed to secure $1 200 and there is still a balance of $700. I don’t know whether they will be able to raise it now, but I thought I could help out and give the player the balance and then Zifa will pay me later. You know, it’s me who called up the player and I thought it is not nice to leave him in this situation even though the player wanted to use his money again,” Pasuwa said .

NewsDay Sport was there when a Zifa official, Wellington Mugwagwa, arrived at the lodge with the $1 200 for Nhamoinesu.

Mugwagwa also appeared to negotiate with the director of the hotel, a Mrs Rusere, for the payment of the bill.

She, however, could not be drawn into commenting on the issue, but stressed to the Zifa official that they had to talk and solve the issue amicably.

Pasuwa said he had also failed to send his children to school yesterday and had to request relatives to send them as he battled to have the money for the player released.

The Warriors gaffer and Nhamoinesu were reported to have finally left the lodge last night after Zifa managed to pay the player part of the money.