Patson Dzamara begins community service – PICTURES


Our government failed to create the 2.2 million jobs they promised us in the run up to the 2013 election. With the unemployment rate hovering above 90%, the government is now creating ‘jobs’ by hook or crook. I understand them… time is running out for them.

Today marked my first day as a civil servant who is not on a pay roll. This is after I was last week sentenced to one year in custody for a senseless trumped up charge of obstruction of justice.

The sentence was wholly suspended on condition I perform 315 hours of community service. Zimbabweans, subtract 1 ‘job’ from the 2,2 million jobs your government promised. At least they are delivering something…elegantly.


Welcome to my new normal.



For the next two months, I will be working for the ‘nation’ from 8am to 4pm every week day. Isn’t our government good? They really know how to invest in the future of young people like me by giving them ‘jobs’. Thank you Mr. government for the opportunity, I won’t disappoint, I promise.


Fellow Zimbabweans, I count it all joy passing through this valley. Punishing, unfair and inconveniencing as it may be, it’s all for God’s glory. The God I serve shall turn this around. I

f the valleys were not as low, mountains would not have anywhere to protrude from. We shall testify someday. I am not moved and I still carry my praise. God is still good through it all.



patson Dzamara

I am not pitching a tent here because my eyes caught a glimpse of a place that is is beyond where I am. There is a place called there. This place called there keeps on calling me to it even in my sleep. I will get there, We will get there, someday. 

A new and better Zimbabwe is possible in our lifetime. We shall come face to face with it.