Local News Philip Chiyangwa HIV + Drama continues

Philip Chiyangwa HIV + Drama continues


The investigation into Harare businessman Phillip Chiyangwa’s HIV status has taken a twist after a clinic the businessman claimed he ‘attended’ for tests distanced itself from the blood sample records in its possession.

Phillip Chiyangwa reports state, has at least 57 children with various women and has continued to bed more women, which is the reason why since he is a politician and “love-seeker” this investigation had to be done in the public interest. The man in February submitted two documents defending himself saying that he is HIV negative. The development came after one of his latest lovers took him to task over his health status. He in February rushed to present this bold exterior of his own volition and without a demand or even a request for the information.

Philip Chiyangwa in hospital


An officer at the Harare based Savvas Medical centre confirmed that Mr Chiyangwa indeed did attend the centre for blood tests in January. But there is a descrepancy between the date Chiyangwa attended the tests and the date recorded in books at the clinic.

One news reader commented: “Results (are) suspicious based on the following observation, date on the lab results is before date on receipt. In an ideal transaction the receipt is suppose to have earlier date. In this case it appears test were carried out on 09/1/2015 and receipt was dated 10/01/15 which implies he got tested before paying which is very unusual.

If it was rapid test results are usually on the same day so both dates could have been similar l smell a rat. Also if it was issue before the courts why would he publish results?”

The Savvas Medical centre were not put to question on the naked test results as that would infringe on Mr Chiyangwa’s privacy. However ZimEye questioned them on the authenticity of their tests especially on Mr Chiyangwa for the public good.

Upon hearing the first question, the secretary deliberately abruptly hung up their phone after replying saying: “We do not discuss a person’s results with the media.” Our unflinching reporter instantly rang back again and after answering, she was questioned: “Why did you put the phone down,” and the secretary acknowledged hanging up as she said she “thought” she had already provided a reply.

But at that point our investigative reporter clarified he was not seeking to know the results, but to know if the clinic stands by its tests. ZimEye queried on how reliable their tests and findings are. At that point that the specialist answering questions next to the secretary withdrew, lowering his voice, having been put to question on the blood sample records in their possession, if the clinic would confidently stand by the samples after a second independent blood test of Chiyangwa has been performed. The clinic’s specialist, a man, was heard instructing the secretary to vocalise a rejection. The question fired required a simple ‘yes or no’ answer.

“No,” she soon replied and it was in the heat of questioning as this reporter repeated the same question outlining their public responsibility, that the phone was abruptly cut.

It is believed the phone was of a truth deliberately cut by the secretary because this was the second time this was happening and at the first time she had admitted deliberately doing it.

ZimEye upholds that Mr Chiyangwa who is a politician with thousands of citizens under his care he has represented, has a responsibility to explain his affairs and health especially considering that he sleeps with unsuspecting young women.