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Picture of a zimbo vendor moves readers to tears


A simple image can convey so a thousand words and induce a myriad of emotions.

One such image doing rounds on social media has moved readers to tears. It depicts a vendor on Cnr Nelson Mandela Julius Nyerere taking a much needed siesta while seated by roadside. More saddening is that his child lying right next to him covered by a blanket.

Perhaps what inspires the heaviness of one’s heart is the mere that he could be within the comfort of his home, taking a proper nap with his child but his circumstances do not allow him to do so.



SAD-STORY-OF-A-ZIMBABWEAN-VENDORA sympathetic Facebook user who goes by the name Fagio Marowa is responsible for capturing the images and he also penned a heartfelt post afterwards.

The harsh economic situation in the country has left a lot of of people destitute and struggling to make ends meet. Vendors can be seen scattered on every square inch in town trying to sell their merchandise so they can earn a living.

This man is a prime example of the harsh reality that many Zimbabweans in the country are facing.We hope to bring awareness to the social services so they can be moved to take action if possible.

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