Platinum Prince is DEAD Rumour going around after Singer goes missing after Mugabe Diss Song


As the whereabouts of dancehall genius Platinum Prince caused dismay, a rumour claiming the man was abducted by the CIO agency and killed, has caused havoc.

Journalists have in the last 72 hours battled while warding off emotional inquiries on the musician’s well being as thousands of Zimbabweans speculated that he has gone the Itai Dzamara way.

platinum prince
Platinum Prince

“His body has been discovered in Beatrice road go there and see,” one emotional inquirer screamed the speculation to editors on Thursday evening.

Platinum Prince rose to prominence this month following his “Ndeipi President” blaster which some have said attacks President Robert Mugabe’s 35 year old “despotic” rule.

This reporter reached his cousin brother Tendai in Harare who said he had no clue of where the musician is. ” Neniwo handisi kuziva kuti arikupi I last spoke naye two weeks ago,” said Tendai.

Efforts to reach the musician via phone hit a snag after his phone failed to go through.

Prince’s song plays a scenery greeting of President Mugabe while raising issues the country is struggling on. One of the lines runs as follows, “ndeipi yenyu baba Bona ndanzwa vanhu vachiseka kuti makadonha,” (hello Bona’s father, I heard people laughing that you fall) – directly referring to the tripping incident that happened at the airport.

The second verse continues, ‘Makatibata bhoo kubva 1980, izvezvi ndakura ndave kumatwenty, asi honai economy President, mabasa hakuna handina kana cent,’ (you kept us well since 1980, now I am grown and in my twenties, look at the economy there are no jobs, I have no money.) Uuuh, you dont say I have but I don’t have, this is what the lyrics are saying, you kept us well but look at the economy.

He chides president Mugabe’s ruling the country from 1980, as he says “You kept us well since 1980, now I am grown and in my 20s.

He also goes on to joke about having a beer with chips in Chitungwiza where numerous abuses have been seen on poor residents. “Kanzuru haisi kushanda yakaiza, makamboenda here kuChitungwiza masuweji akazara kwese….’

But Prince does not seem to be mocking Mugabe in other lines where he shows to be rather praising the President. ‘Munoraira mune mashoko, vanokuvengai imb*k*’ You teach you have wise words, those who hate you are…,” he sings.