POKELLO once dated a footballer who cheated on her with a waitress.


Pokello has revealed that she once dated a footballer who cheated on her with a waitress.

She did not name him but said : “I followed him to SA where he had some matches. The next day after he left the hotel to go for training, I went through his camera. Immediately, I came across pics of some girl in his bed fast asleep, that had the date from 2 days back.When he returned I questioned him on these pics.

Like I expected, he was quick to say his teammate had borrowed his camera to take some pics. In my head, I’m thinking this man must really take me for a fool because his Bang and Olufsen speaker that he travels everywhere with was showing in the pics, as well as his phone and earphones.



Pokello NAreAnyway I decided I didn’t want to fuss coz I knew exactly what it was. We went down to have dinner with the other players. As I was going through the menu, I wondered why the waitress was being overly demanding in how she was taking the order. She then said ‘And for you Mrs. B…. what will you be ordering?’

As I looked up to give her my order. Lo and Behold there she was, the girl from the pics.

She looked so distraught and in disbelief.I’m sure she had already imagined herself sitting with the other WAGS during matches. The look on my face was so comical, I looked at him with the biggest grin on my face thinking to myself ‘Now ain’t this some crazy shit’.

If he could have developed superpowers in that moment i’m sure he would have disappeared.I just started laughing.”

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