Police disrupt PASA PASA party in Harare,throw Tear gas


Riot cops descended on a Pasa Pasa party in Sunningdale and fired teargas, creating chaos in the neighborhood.

Dancehall star Seh Calaz was at the event when the cops pounced. The notorious dance party was meant to coincide with Independence celebrations.

Seh Calaz’s team explained what happened : “His going there was to support the event and to our surprise during his act police just arrived and started beating up people.On realising that fans were in danger he asked them to run away.


This is regardless of the fact that there was a letter clearing the event. Police threw teargas causing the injury of mothers and children amid the chokes of teargas. Seh Calaz’s thoughts are with those that were injured in the ensuing chaos and he is wishing them a speed recovery. People had come to enjoy themselves and that’s all there was to this event.He is safe, fit and sound.‪”


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