Police Man Handcuffs and BEATS UP WIFE


A ZRP Officer from Harare is reportedly in the habit of handcuffing and assaulting his wife, the Civil Court heard yesterday. Meggy Masomera claimed Patrick Mathlathla insults her using obscene words in the presence of their children.

Masomera was seeking a protection order against Mathlathla whom she accused of breaching her peace.

“He is in the habit of speaking with his girlfriend on the mobile phone in my presence and if I try to ask him about it he handcuffs my hands and starts physically abusing me,” she said.

Masomera told magistrate Mr Trevor Nyatsanza that Mathlathla’s violent behaviour was disturbing their children at school.

“He is threatening to evict me from our matrimonial house to pave way for his girlfriend,” said Maso- mera.

Mathlathla denied the allegations accusing Masomera of fabricating stories against him.

“I never abused her in any way as she is alleging because as a policeman, I know the law,” he said.

Mathlathla accused Masomera of getting bad influence from her mother.

Mr Nyatsanza deferred the matter to Friday and ordered Masomera to bring witnesses to substantiate her claims.

Meanwhile, another policeman was arraigned before the same court by his ex-wife on Tuesday on allegations of threatening to arrest her if ever she decides to re-marry or have a boyfriend.

Lona Jeche claimed Mike Mudehwe was using his position to threaten and control her life.

Jeche was seeking a protection order against Mudehwe whom she accused of breaching her peace and meddling in her love life.

“I am now afraid of talking or walking around with another man because he threatened to arrest me if ever I decide to remarry or have a boyfriend,” she said.