Police Officer RAPES Workmate in a LODGE!!!


A Police officer Mutindi Mutindi, based at the Thomlison depot, has been taken to court facing allegations of raping a workmate.

The 38-year-old was not asked to plead to charges when he appeared before Magistrate Elijah Makomo who remanded him in custody to October 20.

Allegations against Mutindi are that in Septermber 2014, on the 14th, an assault case was opened against the female cop whom Mutindi is being accuses of raping.

A docket was opened against her, the court heard, and the female cop then approached Mutindi who then helped her convince the complainant to withdraw the case against her.

The court heard that the assault case was then withdrawn on October 21 2014.

Reports are that Mutindi started pestering his workmate for s-exual favours following the successful withdrawal of the assault case.

Allegations are that in May 16 this year, Mutindi visited the female cop at her workplace and took her to Flame Lily Lodge in Hatfield.

He reportedly convinced her to enter a room under the pretext he wanted to ‘see’ someone.

Further allegations are that he then ‘raped’ the female cop whilst wearing a condom which he reportedly told his alleged victim that it burst.

After the alleged rape incident, Mutindi is said to have taken the woman to Queensdale Shops where he gave her US$5 for transport.

The state alleges that the woman called her sister and narrated her ordeal.

It is the state’s case that on October 1 this year, the female cop called Mutindi asking for assistance regarding a theft case which involved members of the neighbourhood Watch in Hatfield.

Reports are that Mutindi told the female cop to note down the facts and promised to visit her later.

The court heard that Mutindi later visited her police base where he called while he was parked outside.

Allegations are that Mutindi locked the car doors when his workmate entered.

He allegedly started fondling and kissing her without her consent.

It is alleged he also raped her in that process.

The woman, fed up, then lodged a complaint at her base leading to Mutindi’s arrest.

Source: iHarare