Police summon journalist over war vets


The Law and Order section commanding officer, Crispen Makedenge, has summoned Richard Chidza,for questioning over a recent communique by war vets that damned President Robert Mugabe.

Chidza was accompanied to the police by Sifikile Thabete, the company secretary of Alpha Media Holdings (AHM)




matemadandaIt was not immediately clear why the police had summoned Chidza, a senior reporter.
The development comes just after the major shareholder at AMH, Trevor Ncube, reported that military agents had visited his house twice in recent days.

War veterans recently held a meeting at which a communique describing Mugabe as a “genocidal dictator” was circulated.

War vets leaders, Victor Matemadanda (secretary general) and Douglas Mahiya (spokesperson), were subsequently arrested over the document and charged with insulting President Robert Mugabe.

They have both been remanded out of custody

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