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Policemen gang r@pe a suspect


The paedophilic and exhibitionist Charity Charamba supervised sadistic and s-e-xually predatory policemen based in Victoria Falls s-e-xually abused Zibusiso Moyo who they accused of pr0stitution and loitering. Newsday reported that ten policemen based in Victoria Falls forced the 27 years old Zibusiso Moyo to sit on toxic caustic soda that was sprinkled on the seat of the police van causing her severe burns on her buttocks and private parts for the amusement of those predacious policemen. Zibusiso was taken by the same policemen to the charge office with a disregard of the excruciating pain she was experiencing.

While at the charge office the pain from the corrosive caustic soda forced Zibusiso to take off her clothes to the appalling pleasure seeking of those policemen that were watching with lust. The morons Victoria Falls policemen obtained s-e-xual arousal, gratification and org*sm from the pain, torture, rebuke, shock in the face of their victim and by watching the victim taking off her clothing under duress to expose her body.




There is no doubt that this s-e-xual exploitative culture by the policemen is confined to women only. It is also very likely to extend to sexual exploitation of children, boys, girls and even men in police custody. This is a sad story of a sadistic culture of police abuse of power now synonymous with the Zimbabwe Republic Police. The true scale of the problem may be far larger than the case that came to light with the Victoria Falls incident. The predatory abuse of power by the police is the untouched tip of the iceberg.

The braggart policemen, after pleasuring themselves took Zibusiso to hospital for treatment. She will have to foot the hospital bills by herself while the same policemen return to Victoria Falls charge office on full pay to s-e-xually abuse more women held as suspects. Zibusiso will hardly get any recourse to justice. She is invertible that she is going to suffer and live with the psychological trauma of the torturous sexual abuse perpetrated by the rapists’ law enforcement berated policemen. The usually mouthy Charity Charamba will not care condemn the behaviour of these policemen because it is the fraudulent ideology by which her police force strives.

Sexually abuse of suspects in police custody is the most serious corruption issue involving the police in Zimbabwe. The police are abusing their power to sexually assault and abuse suspects. It is a violation of abusing the trust and confidence of the police to protect the public. It is the exploitation of power where the guardian of law and order becomes the abuser. It undermines justice and public confidence.

There should not be a place in the police force for any member of the force guilty of this sort of heinous abuse. Many women have been s-e-xually exploited, harassed and abused but have remained silent because the general system does not protect them. The role of passing judgements is neither for the police, politicians, ministers or the soldiers. It is the role of the judiciary who are trained to listen to case brought before it and to make appropriate judiciary judgements. The police have no right to execute instant justice like they did with Zibusiso.


This country has run short of a professional police force that is highly intelligent and emotionally mature to maintain public safety. The police force has become the perpetrators of crime against the people that it is meant to protect. Zimbabwe police force is poorly trained, poorly resourced, poorly paid, poorly supervised, poorly led, deliberate turning a blind eye to police crimes and handles itself with the macho culture. The police demand sex as a bribe from suspects both women and men for suspects with a promise to avoid arrests. The problem is not confined to the police in lower ranks; it goes all the way up to the senior police officers. When the police become the perpetrator of violence it reduces its credibility, respect and legitimacy.

The heightened public awareness of police corruptio must press demands for the government and the functions of the police to take a deeper look of into systematic abuses of power and the causes of such abuses to protect suspects from police abuses. The people of Zimbabwe are expecting the police to be law abiding, efficient and competent in their traditional roles of peace keeping and crime prevention, and to provide a professional and quality service to the public in course of its duties. People are looking for a set of skills by the police that address the human aspects of modern policing.

We have not heard women organisation speak out against this tragic event. The Musasa Project and women’s league from political parties are resigned from the plight of Zibusiso. The girl child movements don’t feel that they have a say. The Department of Women’s Affairs; the Association of Women’s Clubs; and Zimbabwe Underprivileged Women Organisation need to register their voice and even provide support for this poor woman.

Zibusiso and other women in the same situation need a voice that represents them and that speaks for them. There are many women that are sexually abused by the police on a regular basis and have remained silent and not knowing where to turn to. Society needs to speak out. This must come to an end. Zibusiso needs justice right now. She needs your help where ever you are and if you have a little that can help. Something must happen in the way of justice and reparation for her. Charity Charamba and Augustine Chihuri will no doubt prosecute themselves. The police will in fact continue with its abusive policing culture unabated as they believe they are the untouchable power holders.


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