Pregnant ERIZA still performing on stage while pregnant


Dancer  Lady Storm might have quit the Zimbabwe National Army on medical grounds several years ago but it would appear she still retains the endurance and bravery associated with members of the military.

Despite being pregnant, Lady Storm, who earned the moniker Eriza after she starred in Jah Prayzah’s video for a similarly named song, insists she will continue performing until the throes of labour.

“I have no plans to quit performing on stage because of the pregnancy. In fact, I want to continue performing until the last possible moment.

“I will continue to push my music brand forward during my pregnancy. I am not taking the foot off the pedal at all,” said Lady Storm, who boasts of an album titled Ndisvikewo

The Swagga Band founder and leader was, however, unwilling to reveal the stage of her pregnancy.

“I can confirm that I am indeed pregnant but am sorry that is all I can tell you. What I can also say is that the baby is fine inside there,” she said.


Lady Storm, born Lyn Magodo, was also not forthcoming about her “husband.”

“My new-found family and marriage is important to me and because of that I don’t think it is in my best interest to share this with you,” she said.
According to press reports, the feisty dancer-cum-singer is reportedly married to a Harare man only identified as Tinarwo.

In March, Eriza got involved in a fist fight with another woman who claimed to be Tinarwo’s wife at a popular Harare bar.

Eriza recently posted on Facebook pictures showing her baby bump with the caption “Kumasungiro ikoko… I can’t wait to be a mom.”

Masungiro is a practice/ceremony where a newly married woman who has fallen pregnant for the first time, is taken back to her parents to live with them at a later stage of her pregnancy until she delivers.

During this period, she is supposed to be given herbs that help open up the birth canal.

Lady Storm’s decision to remain active on stage looks like a very wise decision.

According to India’s expert obstetrician and gynaecologist Ashwini Nabar, dancing could be beneficial to pregnant women.

“Yes the exercise will probably be good for you (pregnant woman). Dance is considered safe during pregnancy as long as your body is used to it, you are healthy and your pregnancy is going well,” she wrote on