President Mugabe turns to Daughter Bona for HELP


President Mugabe has turned to his daughter Bona to rescue his Gushungo Holdings Company, which is reportedly struggling to stay afloat.

Sources said Bona reported for work two weeks ago and called for an emergency meeting at which she read the riot act to the management team led by Albert Nhari.

“She was very angry with the state the company is in. Bona openly told workers that she was not happy with management and dressed Nhari and his team down,” one of the sources said.

“Workers were asked to air their grievances and she promised to look into them.

It was a hairdryer kind of meeting for Nhari and his colleagues in management.”

While insiders claimed most members of Nhari’s management team had been relieved of their duties, the Gushungo Dairies general manager on Friday said he was still “at work”.

“I am actually at work and still have my job. Nothing of that sort has happened,” Nhari said.

Sources claimed Nhari had already been replaced by a man only identified as Zietsman.

Gushungo Holdings subsidiary, Alpha and Omega Dairies, was also reportedly reeling under the weight of a $20 million debt as loses pile up.

Mugabe and his wife are said to be actively seeking out potential investors to shore up the crumbling empire touted as a “showcase” of the land redistribution exercise that turned into chaos and brought Zimbabwe’s once thriving agricultural sector to its knees.

Insiders said Bona was leaving nothing to chance in her quest to rid the company of underperformers.

Mugabe two weeks ago claimed external auditors hired to sift into the company’s accounts had unearthed shocking details.