Home Political News President Orders reinstatement of 2 000 youths who had been retrenched

President Orders reinstatement of 2 000 youths who had been retrenched


Zimbabwe President orders the reinstatement of over 2 000 youths who had been retrenched from Government without Cabinet approval.

Most of the young people were employed as youth and gender officers.

It is understood that their salaries had been ceased by Treasury and they were awaiting letters confirming their retrenchment.


“Zvino ndonzwa kuti mayouth amwe anga arikuhurumende achiita basa varikunzi vachadzingwa,” he said.

“Hatina kumboudzwa isu nyaya dzacho, and we don’t accept things like that.

“The economy is recovering: Is that the time we should be dismissing/expelling our youth? What are we demonstrating, treating young men like that? Tonzi tashaya mari iye zvino patiri kuti takuenda tichiva nehupfumi?

“Even kuma mines; our minerals are yielding now more and more revenue for us. More gold, more platinum, more chrome, more platinum, etcetera. Please, reinstate those youths. We never, never agreed on the issue of expelling so many youths, 2 000 of them. Saka, whether it is the Ministry of Finance or the Ministry of Labour, please stop it.”

President Mugabe thanked the youths for bringing forward their concerns, adding that his wish was to see the welfare of young people improving.

On that note, I would like to say thank you for coming,” he said. “We are thankful. VaMugabe vanozvikudza netsigiro yakadai. Asi ndinenge ndichiziva kuti itsigiro yandirikupihwa semutungamiri, yorega kuenda kumusoro kwangu and spoil me. No.

“I am a leader of the people. I must listen to your recommendations, to your grievances and see that your life and the life of our children is getting better and better.”

President Mugabe said young people, as future leaders, needed maximum support.


The engagements with the President are expected to run until October, with five provinces out of the 10 yet to be visited.

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