Prince Edward A’Level Student HANGS HIMSELF


A 19-year-old A Level student at Prince Edward School committed suicide by hanging himself at his home in Old Tafara reportedly following a misunderstanding with his sibling.

Witnesses alleged that Luwayne Kariko was embroiled in a dispute with his brother over a house which was bequeathed to them by their deceased relatives.

His body was found hanging in the house yesterday in the morning.


Luwayne was reportedly staying alone at the house with tenants in the other rooms.

When The Herald crew visited the scene yesterday, his body had already been taken by the police for further investigations.

Luwayne’s relatives said they were not sure why he decided to take his own life. A sister to Luwayne, Emilia Kariko said she was not aware of the cause of the suicide.

“I was surprised this morning when my son came home after finding the door locked saying there was no response. He usually passes by here in the morning before he goes to school,” she said.

“When I rushed here, we found Luwayne dead but there is nothing that tells us why he decided to take his own life. Up to now we are still in shock.”

His brother Kudzai Mavhudzi said Luwayne’s death was a great loss to the family.

“I have lost a brother and a friend. Luwayne was now staying alone here in Old Mabvuku after our grandparents left the house for us but I moved out long back.

“He then began staying with our other brother where they had several altercations but I do not know what they fought about,” he said.

“Our bigger brother also moved out of the house and left it for him and the tenants so now we do not know why he killed himself.”

Acting Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector Simon Chazovachiyi confirmed the incident but said investigations were still underway.

“Yes I know about the incident but investigations are still underway to establish the cause of the death,” he said.