Prison warden satisfied in bed… offers to marry sex worker


A married prison warden has been accused of pestering a self-confessed hooker to be his second wife after she satisfied him in bed, according to his WhatsApp conversations with the ‘tart




Kudzanai Chingwena confessed that he was prepared to marry Runyararo Junior Chaza, popularly known as Chihera in the Avenues area where she is into sex work.

Junior, a former vegetable vendor in Budiriro who turned into prostitution, is against Chingwena’s decision to marry her saying prostitution pays better than being taken as a second wife.

“Chingwena is now a nuisance to me, he constantly begs me to be his second wife,” said Junior.

“We started seeing each other from the time I was selling vegetables in Budiriro since he is from our neighbourhood.

“I satisfied him in bed that every time he leaves or comes home, he would pass through for a quickie and now he wants to take me as his second wife

Since I was realising too little from selling vegetables, I was satisfied with the little cash he would give me but now I can get almost US$200 on a good day and I cannot sacrifice kunodirwa mafuta anopisa nemukadzi wake.

“I warned him about his intention but he is serious, hanzi chero ukandibudisa muH-Metro ndirikukuda handikusiye.

“I told him that prostitution is better and he started hurling unprintable words to me that I am now angry with him, haadi kurambwa akaitasei, kana achida anachihera akadii kuvatsvaga paakaroora.

“I am no longer interested in him, if he wants sex he must pay like other men hiring us here in the Avenues, madhara anouya kuno anobhadhara,” said Junior showing the messages sent by Chingwena.

Chingwena told H-Metro that Junior openly told him that she is now into prostitution denying allegations that he is after marrying her.

“I once got into a relationship with Junior before she told me that she is now a prostitute and from that day we are not in good books,” said Chingwena.

“As for marrying her I do not have such intentions only that she is no longer interested in me but hapana nyaya wangu siyana nazvo. Akatombondiudza kuti achaudza veH-Metro but siyana nazvo wangu,” he added. H Metro


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