Producer defends controversial Killer T video – it was all about creativity that people will understand when it is released


Bulawayo-born music video producer Vusumuzi ‘Blaqs’ Hlatshwayo has come out in defence of Killer T’s new video for Bvunza Tinzwe of the chanter in a coffin, saying it was all about creativity that people will understand when it is released.

This video comes after another controversial one by Ammara Brown and her sister Chengeto – Watchu want -where the former had a python slithering on her body that left people in awe.

Now some pictures from Killer T’s video shoot for the hit track Bvunza Tinzwe on Monday and yesterday found their way onto social media depicting the chanter as a dead man in a coffin.

While some viewed it as plainly ingenuity those with deep seated superstitions have been criticising the chanter likening the scene to satanism initiation.

It seemed the comments on social media perturbed Blaqs and he went on Facebook live yesterday to set the record straight and defend the music video.



Vusa Blaqs said the video was depicting death which everyone will go through.

“I’m here to demystify the issue of Killer T being dead. This is part of the art that we’re creating.

“What we want to do is to cross boundaries and really address the issues people are afraid to address.

“Death is just death guys everyone will die even me I’ll die. Don’t be hung up with a coffin it’s just a piece of wood and we did that to create art and visuals for a song that talks about what it talks about,” said Blaqs. He said the music video will be out sometime soon.

“Soon people will understand what we were doing with the concept of the music video.

“They shall love it for our creativity,” said Blaqs