Property mogul Frank Buyanga gets taste of own medicine


PROPERTY mogul Frank Buyanga has urged the police to get to the bottom of a matter in which four people, including a Harare lawyer connived and attempted to defraud him of his Greendale house in Harare worth over $530 000.

This comes after Buyanga lost his Greendale house which was put up for sale by the Sherriff in a bid to recover $535 000 after ‘he failed to reimburse’ a local couple $132 000 following a botched deal.

He has since made an urgent chamber application at the High Court to stop the property from being auctioned arguing that the couple and their accomplices attempted to defraud him using fake documents.




He is being represented by Rubaya and Chatambudza Legal Practitioners.

Buyanga has since made a report to the police to investigate the suspects—the Harare lawyer Tamuka Moyo of Tamuka Moyo Attorneys, Tawanda Jakachira, Winnie Jakachira and Simon Charewa under case numbers are CR Number Harare Central 2005/4/16 and DR Number Serious Frauds Squad Harare 16/5/16.

In his founding affidavit at the High Court, Buyanga confirmed having made a complaint to the police against the four suspects.

“I have therefore reported the First and second respondents (Tawanda Jakachira and Winnie Jakachira) to the Zimbabwe Republic Police of which a report has already been lodged wherein the police is investigating the first respondent, second respondent, Tamuka Moyo and Simon Charehwa who was an agent of Hamilton,” he said.

He said the matter emanated from the purported sale of shares agreement and subsequent arbitration proceedings which culminated in the attachment of his immovable property and the pending sale.

Buyanga said Tawanda and Winnie Jakachira alleged that they paid the purchase price of $120 000 to him but had failed to produce genuine proof of payment.

“The respondents have availed a fraudulent document in the form of a letter signed by Simon Charewa.

The letter in question is a fraudulent document because it was not signed by myself or any of the directors of Rivin Vanam Trading (Pvt) Limited (the company he represents). The person that signed it is the same suspect Simon Charewa who purportedly represented me during the arbitration process without my lawful or other authority,” he said.

He said the fact that no money was paid to the seller for the shares there was no way the Jakachiras should be paid back money which they never parted with.

He said the fact that a report had been made to the police and was being investigated means that there was a possibility of a criminal prosecution.

“The respondents can keep the property under judicial attachment pending the finalization of the investigation such that their “interests” would be protected. If the investigation reveals that I was not paid any money for the alleged shares and neither Rivin Vanam (Pvt) Limited paid the $120 000, then at the end of the day I would not have lost and in the unlikely event that there is such genuine proof of payment, the auction will go ahead without any problems,” Buyanga said.

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