Prophet Chibwe tells Followers NOT TO CELEBRATE Birthdays


A self proclaimed prophet says his followers should not celebrate a birthday — other than that of Jesus Christ. John Chibwe, leader of DiVineyard Church of His Presence, who is based in Chiredzi told congregants at his church that birthday celebrations bordered on idolatry because the celebrations — which involve giving gifts and sending fawning messages — were tantamount to worshipping a person.

“You should never celebrate any person’s birthday, even yours or that of your wife or child… it is idolatry…you are worshiping that person. God is the only person who should be worshipped,” the preacher told his followers.John Chibwe

He said Christians should celebrate Christmas, the day Jesus Christ was born, because this is the day the sacrificial offering for the world’s sins arrived. “Even King David, did not celebrate his birthday…he only celebrated days appointed by God.” Chibwe said if at all a Christian has to celebrate a birthday, the true birthday that is worth celebrating is the day they are born again, that is if that person is consistently living life according to the word of God.

“You celebrate coming into this prison that the world is? (The Book of) Job chapter 14 verse 1 says a man born of woman is of few days and full of trouble.

Is that what you celebrate?” The preacher, who is the financial director of conglomerate Hippo Valley Estates, divides his time between his Chiredzi base and Harare and only comes to hold sermons in the capital every other weekend.

“I am happy I did not go to a Bible school, otherwise I would have been brainwashed like other preachers. Because of that, I speak the word of God as it is given to me.

Many will not tell the truth because they will start asking themselves what their teachers at the Bible school would say,” Chibwe said.