Prophet Makandiwa Supports Bond Notes


Controversial preacher Emmanuel Makandiwa, leader of the United Family International Church (UFIC), backs bond notes.

Makandiwa says the currency is needed because Zimbabwe should have its own form of trading tool.

In earlier rebuttals, the preacher however had attempted to subtly alter his statements claiming when he revealed the opinion he did not mean, “bond notes” but rather the Zim dollar because as he said, “bond notes are not a currency”. A Makandiwa video blogger on the Youtube website then claimed trumpeted those claims saying journalists did not report the truth on Makandiwa said.


But the government has declared that contrary to Makandiwa’s claims, bond notes are currency, the state going to the extend of passing legislation for that purpose.

Addressing thousands of people during this year’s edition of Judgment Night 4, Prophet Makandiwa said people cannot claim to be blessed when they are only using the United States dollar, a foreign currency.

“Some people requested to hear my view on bond notes and I told them that we should use our own currency for God to bless us,” he said. The charismatic prophet also said Africans should not depend on foreign investors, rather they should exploit Africa’s natural resources

makandiwaGod did not create us to be poor, He created us to be in charge of what we are supposed to do. Christians should not survive with salaries only, we should open companies because God gave us the anointing long back.

“What we should know as Africans is that everything started here is Africa,” he said. He also spoke on how missionaries abused the word of God in their quest to loot Africa’s diamonds, gold and other precious stones.

“They came here years ago and discovered that we had vast minerals, they abused the word of God. On one hand, they were holding the Bible while on the other they were holding maps. They wanted to control our wealth.

“They still have that in mind to this day,” he said. Makandiwa stressed that his calling is hinged on prosperity gospel. “God gave me all the instruments to break the backbones of poverty, don’t force me to preach any other message. “When God called me, I knew that I will be fighting a lot of battles for the people.

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