Home Zimbabwe News Prophet Makandiwa WARNS President Robert Mugabe – VIDEO

Prophet Makandiwa WARNS President Robert Mugabe – VIDEO


Prophet Makandiwa WARNS President Robert Mugabe – VIDEO. Prophet Makandiwa has fired warning shots at President Robert Mugabe’s government saying Zimbabwe is set for an unprecedented wave of crime to hit at State House that now needs Mugabe to build a very large prison.

The preacher who once said gold will rain in Zimbabwe from heaven soon and people will be super rich, has changed his prophecy, this time saying there will be so much poverty and rise in crime government will have to build a very huge prison to accommodate the huge numbers of people who will be arrested during the turmoil.

He added that he is ‘seeing’ that there are already plans for the big prison now. The ironic graphic pointers Makandiwa uses in the word ‘prison’ ironically hit at President Mugabe who endured eleven (11) years incarcerated during Ian Smith times.


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