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Prophet sells juicy oranges that will make you a S-e-x machine in bed


CONTROVERSIAL prophet Brighton Chikomo has torched a storm again claiming that he had sx enhancing oranges which make one to perform well during sx

During the all night prayer in Kwekwe at Old Mbizo Youth Centre, the congregants had to scramble for ‘anointed oranges’ with aim of increasing sxual activity in their homes.Congregants were told the oranges also brought stability in marriages.Prophet Chikomo also told the congregants that peeling off an orange would remove bad luck and restore good fortunes.




One man who had consumed the ‘anointed orange’ said he was already having sxual desire and he could not wait to go home to enjoy conjugal rights with his wife.

“I was already feeling tired and I was no longer having sx with my wife but when I ate the ‘anointed orange’ I am already feeling horny.

“I can’t wait to go home and have sx; honestly the man of God has helped me to restore pride and joy in my life.“I have been invited to come here by my friend to attend this crusade as I was losing hope of life.”

Another man also hailed the prophet as he claimed ‘anointed oranges’ helped his erection and could urinate properly.“I have been having problems with erection but when I ate the ‘anointed orange’ I felt a difference. I was having problems to urinate but I am happy everything is now flowing.”

Some women could not hide their elation that they were going to enjoy sx with their husbands.“In most cases problems emanate when you are not enjoying sx in marriage.

“I am happy we will enjoy the conjugal rights because the prophet has changed oranges into something sweet,” said the woman.

ANNOINTED-ORANGES1“Anointed oranges is just a miracle just like what Jesus did at Cana when He changed water into wine. I am just seconding what the Christ did; it requires spiritual eyes to understand these miracles.

“When peeling off the orange skin it means you will be taking away your problems. Your problems will be disappearing and I just want you to submit to the Lord.“If I quote the bible, Genesis 1 verse 28 says be fruitful and increase in number, fill the earth and subdue it. So by the ‘anointed oranges’ it supports the plan of salvation of God himself.

“The plan of salvation can be reached through recreation. The ‘anointed oranges’ boosts libido and swipes away misfortunes.”During the service some couples who were barren for years were told that they will have fruit of their wombs.

On Saturday Prophet Chikomo held a crusade in Kadoma and he believes God is doing wonders to his children but it only requires people to believe as well as submit their lives to the Lord.

The Prophet who recently brewed a storm with anointed honey which reportedly caused a diarrhoea outbreak in congregants which he said was a cleaning exercise.

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