Prophets arrested for violating a dead body


TWO siblings are in hot soup after invading a funeral, undressing a corpse and praying for it to come back to life. The self-proclaimed prophets were arrested for violating a dead body.

Harupere Kamudzi (37) and her brother Godknows Kamudzi (32) of Waterfalls, Harare, have since appeared before Mbare magistrate, Mr Stanford Mambanje.

It is the state’s case that on April 15, 2016; the duo told mourners at a funeral in Waterfalls that the deceased, Egfa Mapfumo, was not dead but was just sleeping.




They claimed that God had sent them to awaken the deceased from her sleep.

The siblings lifted deceased’s body from the coffin and undressed it while making chants.

They went on to lay the undressed body on the floor before massaging it with salt and warm water

The awestruck mourners were assured that Egfa would “wake up soon since she had been affected by the cold mortuary”.

However, a report was made to the police, leading to the pair’s arrest.

When the Kamudzi siblings appeared in court last month, they pleaded not guilty to charges of violating a dead body.

In their defence, they said they had been invited by the deceased’s relatives to raise her from the dead.

On Friday, they were supposed to appear before Mr Mambanje but didn’t show up.

A warrant of arrest has since been issued for the pair.

Mr Richard Makondo prosecuted.

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