Prophet’s one night stand exposed after congregant falls pregnant


A ONE-night stand se_xual liaison has divided a Pentecostal church in Bulawayo.

The leader and founder of Jesus Never Fails International Ministries, Prophet Pritchard Joshua Moyo (pictured), has been accused of impregnating a congregant called Joyce.

Joyce is said to have engaged church elders in the matter in which she was “used and dumped


Because of that, it’s said the prophet has been terrorising her while another faction of the church is on her side.
Speaking to B-Metro the prophet admitted that he slept with Joyce.

“She came to my home and we had se_x once. Later on she started claiming to be pregnant and that’s a lie,” said Prophet Moyo.

He blamed a group of women for misleading Joyce.

“It’s a group of women just trying to destroy my ministry and they are lying,” he added.

However, the self-proclaimed man of God was not consistent with his statements and upon being quizzed; he then gave the phone to Bishop Benjamin who disputed the allegations claiming to be the prophet’s guard 24/ 7.




This woman is telling lies. She only came twice to the church and months later faked the pregnancy.

“I am always with Prophet Pritchard and nothing ever happened between them,” said Bishop Benjamin.

He, however, failed to justify his statement after being told that Prophet Pritchard confessed to sleeping with Joyce.

According to WhatsApp messages leaked to B-Metro, Joyce is living in fear after getting death threats from Prophet Pritchard.

Joyce: All I want is you to take responsibility for the pregnancy and stop threatening me.

Prophet Pri : You will see my God, just watch.

Joyce: The God is for both of us. Why did you sleep with me?

Prophet Pri: Thank you for destroying me . . . My heart is bleeding Joyce, mark my words you will pay for your stupid move . . .

Joyce confirmed the reports saying she had gone to church for prayers, but ended up being intimate with Prophet Pritchard as he promised to marry her.

Later on things took a new twist when one of the church partners, Anna, got wind that the prophet had impregnated Joyce.

“One of the big sponsors Anna threatened to stop her contributions if Prophet Pritchard married Joyce because she had made it clear that he should marry another lady by the name of Tamara whom she had chosen for him.

Prophet Pritchard therefore chose to follow Anna’s command and started distancing himself from the pregnant Joyce,” said the source.