Prostitutes in Gweru masquerading as Midlands State University students


NAC Gweru District co­ordinator, Murari Hwingwiri, said : “For men it’s prestigious to be going out with a student from MSU and so when these women come they dupe people claiming to be students. And believe me, you won’t doubt it because they’ll be carrying big books and laptops and because you want s.ex one doesn’t probe further,” he said.

“It’s good business for them and they actually flock here when the university is open and some come from as far as Bulawayo during that particular period and when it closes they also move out because business becomes
depressed,” said Hwingwiri.Hwingwiri’s statement came after MSU acting director of health, Tafirenyika Shoko told reporters recently that claims of students from the institution engaging in risky behaviour were being blown out of proportion.

“The reports which are being highlighted by the media some of them you wonder where they’re coming from because they’ve no basis of research whatsoever. For your own information the last time Population Services
International came for HIV testing here on campus we had about 3,000 students being tested and only two
percent were positive.


Source : Online

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