Psychology Maziwisa blasts ignorant war veterans


A Zanu PF MP has scoffed at war veterans aligned to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa who are openly contradicting President Robert Mugabe, saying they were “equal partners” in Zanu PF.

Highfield West Zanu PF MP Psychology Maziwisa seen here with President Robert Mugabe
This comes after Mugabe made it clear that the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) was subordinate to Zanu PF, and not the other way round.

The spokesperson of the Mnangagwa-aligned ZNLWVA formation that is led by former War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa, Douglas Mahiya, said the ZNLWVA was not just an affiliate organisation of Zanu PF as the nonagenarian claimed.


Highfield West Zanu PF MP Psychology Maziwisa said the level of ignorance that is being displayed by the war veterans about the basic operations of the party both in terms of common sense and of the constitution of the party demonstrates quite amply the dangers of going to war and not going to school.

“…Mugabe was absolutely right when he said associations cannot run Zanu PF. The ruling party is administered in terms of the provisions of its constitution. That is the beginning and end of it as far as some of us are concerned.”

Mahiya’s sentiments follow Mugabe’s pronouncement on Saturday that former liberation struggle fighters needed to take a back seat in Zanu PF politics and allow party leaders to steer the wobbling ship.

“Hatitongwe neassociation … never ever, hatife takabvuma izvozvo … tine gwara reparty … musangano ndiwo unotungamirira vose, maassociations ose. Ndiwo unopa gwara kwatiri tose, watsauka watsauka warasika, wava chipfukuto, gamatox … tinoda gwara, gwara nekuti tisina gwara hapana kwatinoenda tinorasika.

(We are not led by affiliate associations, we will never agree to that. We have party guidelines. The party leads all associations, it is the one that provides guidelines to all of us and if you falter, you are now a weevil, gamatox. We need guidelines, without which, we are lost),” Mugabe said.

Said Maziwisa: “…30 000 war vets versus 12 million patriots…? They must refuse to be used or soon we will clash with them and it’s not going to be a pleasant sight at all. If they think that these are just empty words, I dare them to utter just one more word of disrespect towards the president and see if all hell will not break loose.”

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