Public to monitor traffic POLICE to reduce Corruption on Zim Roads


National Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba has said police officers have been directed to talk to motorists in full glare of the public to minimise cases of corruption.

In her festive season message to Zimbabweans yesterday, Charamba said no police officer should ask motorists to disembark from their vehicles and talk to them at a secluded place.

“All passengers are expected to see clearly what will be going on and if an offence has been committed, action should be taken in the open,” she said.


There has been an outcry by the travelling public about the increase in cases of corruption by traffic police. Observers said the levying of spot fines was exacerbating the situation.

Charity Charamba
Charity Charamba

“No police officer should talk to motorists privately or ask them to disembark and move to a separate point where one would be standing or seated alone,” Charamba said.

Charamba also said the force would deploy adequate manpower during the festive holidays to ensure there was peace.

“Police will intensify patrols, stop and searches and blitz on all residential, industrial, farming and other areas, where the public will be undertaking various activities,” Charamba said.

“Visibility will also be maintained on the country’s roads to ensure that travellers are free to move to and from their destinations. Drivers are urged to be responsible and adhere to all road rules and regulations. Above all, we are urging drivers to co-operate with the police.”

She warned motorists against speeding, overtaking at prohibited areas and going through red traffic lights.

Last year, about 86 people perished on the country’s roads between December 15 and 30.

Charamba said all defective vehicles would be impounded and taken to the Vehicle Inspection Department.

She also urged motorists to avoid crossing flooded rivers as the rains continue to pour and property owners to always leave their properties attended and people to be cautious about lightning.

“Since December 13, 2015, we have had eight fatalities as a result of lightning. People should take precautionary measures such as avoiding contact with electrical gadgets and seeking shelter under isolated tall trees or other objects.”

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