Reporter Paul Munyuki BEATEN up by 14 People including 2 COPS


Two ZRP officers were allegedly part of a 14-man gang hired by a Harare businessman to assault Herald sports reporter Paul Munyuki over a US$126 debt.

Paul sustained serious injuries in the attack that took place on August 9. National police spokespersons Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba and Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi could not be reached for comment.

In an affidavit submitted to police, Munyuki says on July 22, he supplied butchery owner Emmanuel Juta with chickens worth US$276,35 on the understanding that the businessman would pay by July 24. However, Juta allegedly paid US$100 after the deadline had lapsed.

Munyuki and his wife, Kudzanai, pursued the balance but were told numerous times that the payment was not ready. Juta later promised to settle the debt by August 7 and acceded that Munyuki would attach a chest freezer and scale if he defaulted. When Juta defaulted, Munyuki then attached the freezer and scale.

Part of the affidavit reads, “Around 3pm on the same day (August 9, 2015), there was a violent knock on my kitchen door where Kudzanai noticed there was a mob of people and told them to use the front door. I went to open the door and two police officers who were in uniform (grey shirts, blue pants and blue caps) and the mob of about 12 other men in ordinary clothing and they bust into my house without my invitation.”

It also reads, “I asked what the matter was and the uniformed policemen said they were at my place to recover Juta’s (items). . . “First to pull me were the policemen. . . and the rest of the mob that had bust into my house joined in pulling me. Just as we got out as they continued pulling me, the policeman who had confiscated my screwdriver punched me on my better-sighted eye, and I immediately lost sight as the eye burst. I could not open both my eyes due to the excruciating pain from the damaged eye. . . .That is when it became a free-for-all as the men in ordinary clothes started to beat me all over the body, including kicking me in my genitals.”

The policemen then locked up Munyuki at Machipisa Police Station. He was, however, released after his condition worsened and he had to undergo an eye operation.