REVEALED : Skimbo Reveals How He Was ‘Abducted’ By Lady Squanda & 2 Men


Lady Squanda came to my home in Zengeza on Wednesday around 4 pm in the company of two other men saying she wanted to do a collaboration with me,” said Skimbo.

“It was then that they said the instrumental/riddim was in the car and they invited me into the car to have a listen.

“When i entered the car, they drove off and went to an area in Zengeza 5 where they where other men sitting tight for me who numbered between 9 to 10,” said Skimbo.





Skimbo was asked why it had taken him long to report the case to the police and this is what he said

“I delayed going to the police because i was waiting for them (Lady Squanda) to release the video because it carried all the evidence, but even before the video was released i went to the police to get a medical report because i realised my right ear was having problems hearing and i suspected it had a blood clot.”

Skimbo has however made a police report concerning his assault

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