REVEALED:The true story behind 2 na_ked girls being assaulted in car


THREE Bulawayo women allegedly ganged up to kidnap and assault two Namibian students accusing them of bedding one of their husbands only identified as Makhosi. The trio recorded a video of the incident on March 24 and it has since gone viral on social media networks. In the video one of the women is overheard telling one of the girls to bend over so that she could spank her buttocks.

“Face that side, stand-up and face that side. I want to beat you on the buttocks that they f*** you. You think you’re clever, where’s Nancy, who do you think you’re? You sleep with my husband and you think you’re clever?” one of the women is heard saying.

The trio allegedly tricked the pair, who study at local colleges, telling them that someone had sent them cosmetics which they should collect. This was after one of the women identified as Tapiwa Chiwundona stumbled on a text message from one of the girls in her husband’s mobile phone. The husband has been identified as Makhosi.


The contents of the message are not known. Sources said the two students met the trio in the city centre and they told them that the cosmetics were at a house in Famona. “They (three women) drove them to Famona where they stripped the two before giving them a hiding using rubber slippers on their buttocks,” said the source.

The source added: “After the assault, they took the girls to Centenary Park and told them to soil their clothes in mud before letting them go.” The Namibian students allegedly did not report the matter to the police until their video went viral.

The incident occurred on March 24, but those girls didn’t report the matter to the police. They only reported after being informed that their video was circulating online.”

Yesterday, The Chronicle spoke to one of the Namibian girls identified as Nancy who narrated how the trio led by one Tapiwa tricked them. “You’re looking for Tapiwa. I don’t know her surname but we took her and her friends to the police station. They kidnapped us and beat us up as shown in the video. They forced us to undress apparently over a friend of ours called Makho,” said Nancy.

She declined to comment further saying: “I don’t want to talk about the traumatic experience and brutality I suffered in a foreign land.” The Chronicle caught up with Tapiwa and she denied the story

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said. Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said police were investigating the matter and the trio will be charged for kidnapping, assault and distribution of pornography.

“The matter is under investigation. The police picked up some of the suspects for questioning today,” said Insp Simango. She urged members of the public to avoid taking the law into their own hands as they risk being arrested.

“People should find peaceful means of solving disputes,” she said.

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